Latest Trail Conditions

Greensfelder (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From rockpicker: It was a humid trail today, but there was more horse poop than mud. Maybe a little rain late in the day.
Indian Camp Creek (St. Charles Area) (Weather)
From ZeroResolution: Some muddy areas on Big Cannon Loop, so make sure to keep an open eye on what’s ahead and avoid.
Bluff View (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From ABoston: Trail was damp but 100% rideable. Small tree downed covering half of the trail in the far north west side of West Zombie trail. A hatchet or pocket chain will clear it up.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 27
6:00pm SIUE Wednesday Evening Ride
Friday, June 29
8:00pm Moonlight Ride at Indian Camp Creek
Sunday, July 1
10:00am First Sunday Ride
Wednesday, July 4
9:00am GORC Firecracker Epic

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Founded in 1998 by area mountain bikers to help design and build a mtb/hiking trail in a new County Park, today the club includes the entire St. Louis metro area in MO and IL.

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Belleview Farms Closed

Belleview Farms Closed Notice

 Park Closed to Public at this TimeA reminder, the Belleview Farms property is closed to the public.  That means you are trespassing if you go explore or check it out.  There have been reports by area... Read more