Bike Shops

Bike Shops

Anybody that rides a mountain bike will realize sooner or later than having a go-to bike shop is the key to keeping their wheels spinning on the dirt. Riding singletrack for any amount of time will take its toll in the form of routine maintenance every few months such as lubing, proper torque and general inspection.

GORC is partnered with several shops that offer discounts to GORC members. You must present your membership card and coupon, if applicable, to receive the discount. See the full list - you must be logged in and a current member to see the coupon page

In the meantime, here are a few shops that have contributed to our success over the years:


Bike Stop Cafe(s)

Bike Surgeon

Trek Store

Alpine Shop

Momentum Cycles

The Cyclery

Mesa Cycles

Big Shark Bicycle Co.

Ballwin Cycles

Granada Cyclery

Hub Bicycle Co.


Trailhead Bicycles

Maplewood Bicycle

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