As a courtesy GORC provides the general community with easy-to-read printable maps of all the GORC-maintained trails in our area. We have performed trail design, construction or maintenance on almost all the trail systems listed. We release maps and subsequent updates as they become available. Check back often for revisions.

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Latest Trail Conditions

Latest Trail Conditions

Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From KerryH: Dynamite save for a couple of soft/muddy spots. Rains overnight tonight will likely change the condition to at least yellow for tomorrow.
Creve Coeur Lake (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From Maven: As of 1:00 pm today just to many muddy stretches to be fun lots of slop. Bailed out. Such a shame major ruts everywhere . New free down or limb looked smalll on the small loop near the road. End away from apartments. Appears to be drying fast.
Cliff Cave (St. Louis Area) (Weather)
From Dado07: Few Muddy spots on the Spring Valley Side, other than that dry and clear.

2019 Volunteer Hours

Greensfelder: 677
Cliff Cave: 599
Rock Hollow: 499
Klondike: 424
Creve Coeur Lake: 171
Quail Ridge: 164
Chubb Trail: 48
Bluff View: 40
Lost Valley: 25
Matson Hill: 25
Indian Camp Creek: 9
Broemmelsiek: 5
OT - Council Bluff: 5
Castlewood State Park: 4
Silver Lake: 2

2019 Volunteer Hours by Type

Trail Construction: 2,195
Trail Maintenance: 255
Trail Design: 192
Meeting: 146
Sawyer/Swamper: 77
General Administration: 72

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