Chubb Trail

Chubb Trail

West Tyson County Park has the trailheads of both the Chubb and Flint Quarry Trails. The Chubb begins at the Circle at the top of the road to the left as you enter the park, and Flint Quarry at the parking lot at the end of the lower entrance. There is a 0.3 mile connector between the 2 trailheads. Both trails come together at the Picnic Table, around 1.5 miles into either trail. The Chubb continues on down to the Meramec River bottom while the Flint Quarry makes use of part of the Chubb, and the trail formerly known as the Ridge Trail, making its way back to its starting point for a 3 mile loop. Both trails at this end offer many opportunities to test your skills with steep climbs, loose rocks, drop-offs, and tight switchbacks. This section of the Chubb contains "the Steps", an exposed section of the Kimmswick Limestone, which is sure to challenge your technical ability. The eastern end is mainly dirt singletrack with a moderately steep climb that ends at the trailhead in Lone Elk County Park. In between, there are some technical sections, but for the most part, the trail winds along the flat river bottom. The Lone Elk connector is subject to standing water and even flooding after rain, so it’s to be avoided when wet conditions are present. The Chubb and Flint Quarry trails are more durable when wet, but can be very treacherous due to the slippery rocks.

The 1.5 mile Flint Quarry trail was built in September of 2000 with the help of over 90 volunteers!!! Thanks to GORC member Sam Mitchell (trail designer and advocate), who with the help of Sue Kuhnert from St. Louis County Parks, put on the largest and most successful workdays ever in St. Louis.


From St. Louis, go west on 1-44. Get off at Lewis Road Exit 266. Enter West Tyson Park, make first right, follow to the end of the road and park. Or, the Lone Elk end of Chubb Trail can be reached by exiting 1-44 at Meramec Station Road (Hwy 141). Turn right (west) on the Outer Road. Follow this to Lone Elk County Park. The Chubb Trailhead is the fire road before the Lone Elk gates.

Park History

Reprinted from the St. Louis County Parks website:

Originally, a part of the Federal Government’s Tyson Valley Powder Plant, the initial 240 acres of West Tyson was conveyed to St. Louis County in 1955. In 1979, St. Louis County purchased the additional 410 Mincke Tract with a L&WCF grant. In 1985, the Chubb Trail, which was developed by the St. Louis County Department of Parks and Recreation and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through the cooperative efforts of MRRA, was opened. The trail is open to hikers, equestrians and mountain bikes. Access to the Chubb Trail can be obtained through either West Tyson or Lone Elk County Parks.


Trail Information

Trail Steward(s)


Intermediate / Advanced


7 miles out and back, 3 mile loop (Flint Quarry)


Out-N-Back, Loop


Trail Conditions

Latest Conditions

From mcmottl on Sat, 12/08/2018 - 4:23pm - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
Hills are pretty solid even in late afternoon. A few soft spots in the hills but easy to avoid. Frozen (AM) it will be very good. Lots of leaves. Did not ride flats. Assume the flats are red unless they are frozen.
From smdods on Wed, 11/21/2018 - 12:13pm - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
Improving (Flint Side). Rode at 10:30A and trail is good in most areas and turning mushy in others (upper side, facing South) as sun thaws the wet sections.
From smdods on Sun, 11/18/2018 - 12:57pm - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
Flint is no good. Wet, muddy, and slick. Misting rain isn't helping. Gave up after first 50 yards.
From mcmottl on Sun, 11/11/2018 - 8:10pm - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
Tons of leaves. But overall the hills are solid. Did not ride the flats.
From mcmottl on Sat, 10/27/2018 - 6:19pm - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
As of 4:30 the hills of Chubb are solid. I stayed on the hills which were perfect. Did not go on the flats/river section. Assuming flats are red. Enjoy!
From mcmottl on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 5:33am - Chubb Trail (St. Louis Area)
Was on the trail last evening when it down poured. May take a day or so to dry out.